Ironwood Property Management provides a wide array of professional property management services for every type of Real Estate Asset. Whether you own a Condo, Co-op, Multi-Family, Mixed-Use Commercial, 1-3 Family Townhouse or a Single Family Estate, Ironwood can help preserve, improve and maximize your investment.

Below is a list of management services and features we offer to our clients:

Pay Rent and Common Charges Online. Tenants and Condo Owners expect easy, online payment options when paying their rent or common charges. We offer 3 convenient ways to pay electronically (Cash, E-check, or with a credit card). It is fast, easy, secure and free when paying by e-check through our website.

Owner Distributions. With our online payment portal there’s no more waiting forchecks to arrive in the mail. We can also send monthly disbursements to our owners via a secure direct deposit.

On-demand access to your statements. Monthly statements are securely posted to your online Owners Portals, saving time and paper. These statements provide you with a quick snapshot of your property details and financials for the past month. We can also include additional reports you request.

Preventative Maintenance Visits. We are strong believers in preventative maintenance and Ironwood will schedule regular site visits to your property. Doing so ensures that small problems don’t become bigger expensive problems. These visits include (but are not limited to) review of your boiler and hot water system, sprinkler system, plumbing, elevators, roof, sidewalks, smoke alarms and overall quality of life issues associated with your building.

Maintenance and Repairs. Ironwood can facilitate and monitor all repairs and maintenance for your building. Our dedicated team of vendors, handymen and contractors can handle any job from emergency repairs and major capital improvements to the simplest of fixes quickly and efficiently. Best of all, with 15+ years in the industry we are able to pass along our preferential
pricing directly to our clients with no upcharge. Providing you, your co-owners or your tenants with one main point-person ensures that repair requests are handled swiftly. We also provide our clients with 24-hour emergency service.

Administrative. Ironwood will handle all lease renewals and ensure your building’s compliance with NYC’s Annual Property Registration, DHCR Rent Registrations, Fire Safety Notices, NYC & NYS rental disclosures and maintain all required postings on the premises. We supervise all superintendents, porters and service contractors. We maintain and monitor your insurance policy, oversee renewals and payments and make recommendations to reduce your liability and exposure.

Bookkeeping. In addition to our online collection portal, we will monitor and pay all the bills associated with your real estate investment. Financial reports and profit and loss statements are rendered monthly. Owners and Board Members can also see their financial information online. We will work with your accountants and prepare tax docs as needed.

Leasing and Marketing your Vacancies. We are able to quickly advertise vacancies online, posting to our website, and hundreds of other listing sites. Applicants can also apply right from their smartphones. This allows us to maximize your revenue by filling vacancies faster.

Professional Tenant Screening. We thoroughly screen all prospective tenants. We conduct background, credit, employment and reference checks ensuring the highest quality residents in your property.

Condo/Co-ops. We will assist with all sales applications, processing right of first refusal docs, communicating with attorneys, title co’s, and underwriters to ensure a smooth sales transaction. Attend Annual Board meetings, Prepare budgets and provide online access to important HOA docs.

Leasing and Sales. We are licensed Real Estate Brokers with over 15+ years experience selling every type of RE asset. We can price and professionally market your home or investment property for sale and navigate you through the sales process.